Keys 2006

Yes, we all came home.  We didn't want to but we did. 

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When planning a trip somewhere you've never been, there is the uncertainty of dealing with companies and people that are unknown to you.  I would like to thank and highly recommend two companies that delivered everything promised and more, and really helped make our vacation as great as it was.

 First was Wendy Sullivan Vacation Rentals.  Our house was a true home.  She had advised us that the homeowners would be present in the downstairs apartment during our stay.  We had some hesitation, we liked the location of this house for the privacy, but he was a true local, and accordingly, gave some wonderful local advice.   The house was very well loved, and came with a lot of little extras that fit in perfectly with the fishing, diving, and boating that we did. 

The Second company I'd like to thank is Jeff's Boat Rentals.   We had a 5 day reservation from Monday to Friday for a 25' Triton with a single 225 4 stroke Yamaha.  The boat was being delivered from Marathon up Hawk Channel, however a front the weekend of our arrival caused some rough conditions that delayed delivery until Monday evening.  The boat arrived when estimated, and time was spent for checkout to go over and verify operational boat systems.   This is a great boat set up for some serious fishing.  We had planned to dive Looe Key and get some fishing in on Tuesday, but Hawk channel was still a bit rough, so we did some bottom fishing inside Newfoundland Channel.  When  tucking the boat in for the evening, we discovered that one of the batteries wasn't holding a charge.  A call to Jeff's Boat Rentals brought quick service.  The boat in the end was swapped for a 25' Cobia with twin 115 Yamahas.  The Cobia was also a very nice, clean boat.  All of their boats are less than a year old, and have new Yamaha 4 strokes on them.   There were other companies in the Keys that were less expensive, but the 4 stroke engines, new boats, and great service makes it worth it.  I highly recommend them, and will definably use them again.